Boulevard Caymmi Tower – Brasilia, Brazil

25 Story Multifamily

What was it about?

Twenty five-story building located in Brasilia, with 126 condos (2 bedrooms, 2 baths) in new development area in the city. The building has room for 14 retails stores on the first floor, and two pools on the podium level.

What did I do?

I was responsible for putting the whole operation together, pursuing financing for it, bringing realtors to partner with us, and ultimately running the new company that was set up for this venture. This was self-performed work, from ground-up with 100+ employees engaged to put the building up.

What did I learn?

This was my first building that was higher than 4 stories and I spent a lot of time digging into the plans, especially the structure to see how things would come up together. The superstructure was all in concrete, with massive rebar work. That was very interesting to learn about and discuss the details of it with the engineering team both on-site and at the corporate headquarters. I also learned I could manage multiple fronts are the same time (sales, business administration, engineering/tech department, auditing). It was a very enriching experience.


September 19, 2014



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