Casa Clara – Brasilia, Brazil

Published in more than 15 countries

What was it about?

This 2 bed custom home was designed by SAINZ and the team of architects was looking for a an alternative construction method in the country to work on the project with a design and build concept.

What did I do?

At that time, the custom home building company I had started (Construlight Steel Frame) was well established in the market and was selected by the architect and the owners to joint this venture. With that, I was involved in the whole process from design, planning, budgeting and later on on site supervision. The house was designed for steel frame and received many awards, being published in more than 15 countries.

Casa Clara was included in the select list of the top 50 most influential houses in the world, 1st semester 2017 and finalist for the “Building of the Year 2018” award organized by Archdaily in the Residential Architecture category, selected from the best projects in the world.

What did I learn?

Even though I had built many custom homes before, this was genuinely a piece of art with a lot of interesting details going on. I had never worked on a wing shaped “floating” slab and having the engineer of record walk me through that process was incredible.

Photos: Edgard Cesar


May 19, 2016



SAINZ Architecture