LaQuinta Hotel – Austin, TX

What was it about?

Five-story hotel on I-35, just South of Austin Downtown. This project was fully designed for non-combustible structure, utilizing structural steel and cold formed metal framing.

What did I do?

The wall and floors for the project were delegated design and we worked with York Engineering Services and Vulcraft to get the job done. I spent a lot of time finding the best design method for this project, since it has a lot of particularities in the shape of the building. We provided walls panels, Ecospan floor system, structural steel, stairs, and roof trusses.

What did I learn?

During the stair design and fabrication, I asked for the as-built condition for the CMU towers so that we could work within we had available and not run into issues on site. That proved to be a very resourceful initiative and allowed the stairs to be dropped with a crane in a very effective manner.


April 19, 2021



A&M Development