Whataburger – Austin, TX

First Whataburger done in steel in the USA!

What was it about?

Whataburger corporate decided to built a one of a kid store in the city of Austin. This one is nothing like their tradition style since it has a more modern design approach.

What did I do?

Working with the brand design/construction team and JACOBS (Architecture and MEP) and Millet Engineering Group (Foundation), I had the opportunity to lead the structure design and compatibilization of the building models to maximize the positive end results. We prefabricated the whole structure and used load bearing steel walls, k-joists, round steel columns and pre punch cold formed steel joists to allow better routes for MEP systems.

Since I was involved in the details for this prototype, I also took the role of Project Manager for the construction phase of the building.

What did I learn?

BIM can be exhausting sometimes, but the end result is always positive. We designed our models on Solid Works and used Revit for coordination with the other models sent by JACOBS and Whataburger.


February 20, 2020



Atkinson Builders/Whataburger